Buyers Say the Darndest Things: Bowser the Buyer

December 4, 2009

Remember Art Linkletter’s “Kids Say The Darndest Things“? Well, would-be real estate buyers sometimes say some pretty darned odd (and funny) things, too.

I’ll start posting some of them here. I’m not making fun of these folks, but in some cases I do wonder how they manage to even get up in the morning. In other cases, the would-be buyers are vastly overcomplicating a situation. We’re not talking about the intricacies of real estate transactions. Usually, it’s just plain common sense that seems in short supply.

So, let’s begin.

This one comes from Trulia, a consumer-oriented Web site with a question-and-answer area, where I post answers pretty frequently. Names have been removed to protect the innocent. (Curious? Here’s the link to the full posting.)

Does B****** Real Estate not want to sell houses? They consistently hold open houses without listing the address.
Apparently, they don’t want you to buy a house they are selling unless you are working with one of their realtors. I’ve spent hours just trying to track down the address of a supposed “open house” they are holding. Their website is convoluted and won’t let me search their listings (the “registry” doesn’t work and you can’t see any info without it). I refuse to work with one of their agents for the simple fact that they have made my home search process such a pain in the neck.

Huh? I guess I understand your frustration at not being able to determine from the one company where the open houses are. But the only reason to keep pounding your head up against a brick wall is that it feels so good when you stop. So: Stop pounding.

Contact a Realtor from another company. You choose. And you screen the Realtor so you’re comfortable with both the company and the Realtor. then explain what you want. And–here’s the good part–it’ll mean less commission for the listing agent and for the listing firm! You see, the commission is already agreed to. If you buy the house through the listing agent, he/she gets both ends of the commission. So, help the company share the wealth . . . with an agent of your own choosing.

Notice the would-be buyer says he’s spent hours trying to track down the address of a single open house. Maybe he could have called and asked? Or, as I suggested in my answer, maybe he could have called a Realtor with another firm?

And beyond that, I’m reminded of the story of a dog chasing a car. The dog chases and chases it. One day, it finally catches the car. Success! Except . . . now that it’s caught the car, what does he do now?

In this case, we have Bowser the Buyer chasing open houses for hours on end. What would happen if Bowser the Buyer finally finds out the super-secret location? Imagine: He discovers the location, goes to the open house and, miracle of miracles, decides he wants to buy the house. Well, what then? He says, “I refuse to work with one of their agents.” So, he’s got no agent of his own and he refuses to work with one of theirs.

Like they say, you can’t get from here to there. But I guess you can keep yourself pretty busy running in circles.