We Read This Crap So You Don’t Have To: Nathan Jurewicz

“We Read This Crap So You Don’t Have To” features claims–primarily by e-mail–from real estate promoters. Note: We’re not evaluating the actual programs, though we may have some comments on the programs as described in the e-mails and sales pages. Rather, we’re examining the claims and pitches of these promoters and real estate gurus.

In the future, we’ll present some that are honest, straightforward, and actually full of good information. (Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!) But since it seems that about 90% of everything is crap–exceeding that old 80/20 rule–most of what you’ll read here deals with questionable claims and over-hyped pitches. And so it is with this posting.

I received an e-mail (a portion appears below) from another real estate promoter, Larry Goins. I’ve provided the emphasis in red.

Your whole short sales business works by itself…on automatic! That’s right, just crank it up, then stand back, and let it rip! Find out how right here.

And for good measure:

I STILL don’t know why Nathan’s letting out his secrets. If you’ve seen his “Short Sales Riches” course, he sells everything he’s talking about on this fr-ee DVD for $497. So why would he be giving it away for free? I’m not sure, but if I were you, I’d hustle over there now before he realizes what he’s doing.”

So ol’ Nathan is giving away a free DVD containing his short sale secrets? What a wonderful guy! Gotta love him.  

Except, of course, there’s no information on the sales page. Just the requisite overwritten hype, along with some amazingly low-quality videos. Plus the opportunity to buy his program for $1,497 . . . or $1,694 for two payments, the second just 15 days after the first. Except, of course, it really costs more, as you find out when you get to the order page. It’s $1,497  (or $1,694) plus a month of coaching for $1, followed by continued coaching at $197 a month. That’s a 1-year investment of either $3,861 or $4,058. That’s sure a far cry from “fr-ee.” (Hmmm. Maybe the definition of “fr-ee” in the real estate promotor’s dictionary is: “Four gRand-Each and Every.” 

Again, the program may or may not be worth it. You can be the judge of that. What I’m addressing is the crap . . . the hype . . . the claims versus the facts of the promotion.

This rates a 9 out of 10 on the Crap-O-Meter.

Larry Goins email pitching Nathan Jurewicz's short sale package. Note the reference at the bottom to the

Larry Goins email pitching Nathan Jurewicz's short sale package. Note his claim at the bottom that the information offered on a "fr-ee DVD."

Top of Nathan Jurewicz's pitch page for his short sale program

Top of Nathan Jurewicz's pitch page for his short sale program


Bottom of Jurewicz's Pitch Page. Here's the real price . . . sort of

Bottom of Jurewicz's Pitch Page. Note the price, but no mention of additional monthly payments for coaching.

Purchase page for Nathan Jurewicz's short sale package. Notice the $197 additional charge for coaching after the first month.

Purchase page for Nathan Jurewicz's short sale package. Note the additional $197 per month for coaching.


7 Responses to We Read This Crap So You Don’t Have To: Nathan Jurewicz

  1. Stacy says:

    Too Bad!!! I want to believe the Shortsalekid is for real. Someone should be getting over in this market and ask any bank rep on the short sale side–the bank’s insure and they still make out like the bandits they’ve proved themselves to be–look MOM, no attorney fees on the shortsold property and we got our insurance money, too. Boy was it fun making those poor damn property owners sweat during their financial crisis. Hope it never happens to me… We were gonna let it short sale all along–we don’t want the maintenance cost dragging this white elephant along for the ride for the next year or+… God, I hope N.J is real cause he is definitely stirring up hope in Michigan.

  2. Cascade Valley Homes says:

    I was looking for a transactional funding company and came across a Nathan Jurewicz video that promoted his flipafix program offering extended transactional funding with a company called Regis RE Partners. After further review, I discovered that Regis will only consider applicants if they purchase Nathans coaching program! Congrats Nathan for finding a nich, too bad for all the others who would like to work with Regis yet chooses not to purchase Nathans course!

  3. Scammers says:

    I love how Nathan Jurewicz boasts on his website on how he made 118K in one month and resides in a 600K home with glass walls…..Take a look at the Hillsborough County Property appraiser and you will see he owns 0 properties. This kid is a typical South Tampa fakster who is taking advantage of his wealthy friends…

    • Me says:

      While I wouldn’t put much attention in to this program personally, I do have to point out one thing if you’re judging him as a fraud based on property records.

      The reality is that almost any legitimate investor with a clue won’t have their name on any property they own. The properties are almost always held in trust, in partnership, or in the name of the LLC or S corp that was created to buy and manage the property. I’ve owned or co-owned over 30 properties since 1992 and you’d never be able to tell by searching at the County Recorder’s Office.

      Why do I mention this? Mainly because its a red flag if you see someone with their name pasted all over the place in the recorder’s office. Its usually is an indicator that they don’t understand how to manage their liability and business interests properly, so partner with them with care.

      This guy is still around months later (relative to the original post date here), but few signs yet on whether the training is legit and of true value. Good luck to all of you!

  4. Robert says:

    You really have to watch out for the “gurus” who claim to have made it rich overnight in real estate. Can you get rich in real estate? Yes. However, it takes time and you must know how to seek out hot markets, market trends and cycles.

  5. Robert says:

    Find a system that works for you. If you need to educate yourself, do research on any guru before you buy their product.

  6. Tom Rolfsen says:

    Marko Rubel’s system is is better.

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